We attended the Belgrade Youtube festival with our device, the VR Chair, and it was a lot fun for us, since it was the first time we took the chair out to the public.

A few days ago we received an invitation to appear at the festival and only two days passed from the call to the event, so we organized very quickly to take any free space in the hall, and the only place we could accommodate was the staircase. The situation was pretty ridiculous. People who were waiting to play on the VR Chair, would shut the passage and created an unbelievable jam on the staircase, especially if some of the more famous local youtubers went by our stand. This created situations in which we physically had to defend the equipment, but fortunately we organized ourselves well so that there were no problems. We’ve made a short video to capture the atmosphere at a gathering as well https://youtu.be/JzWcozExlgo