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VR Chair at Siggraph 2019

We have great news to share with you. We will be attending this years SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles. Our VR Chairs will be setup and ready for playing! We hope to see you there!

VR Chair x GearVR

Our potential market just grew a bit larger, since we've successfully connected the VR Chair to Samsung's Gear VR, and played Minecraft on it! It was an amazing experience, from the simplicity of connecting everything and starting up VR, to actually enjoying the game...

Games.con IGN Adria gig

We managed to get in touch with IGN Adria, and will be presenting our VR Chair on their stand as well on the upcoming Belgrade Games.con festival. They already published an article on us! We're really looking forward to the upcoming...

Belgrade Games.con Coca Cola Booth

We managed to arrange a demoing of our VR Chair on the Coca Cola booth on the third Games.con festival, on the Belgrade fair, that's due on November 30. thru December 2. It's very important for us to demo our chair to as many people as we can, to gather insight on how...
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